AlanDick Broadcast

The AlanDick Broadcast Group of companies provides a total communications infrastructure. We are a solutions provider with global logistics providing innovative products and services. We aim to satisfy all television and radio broadcast markets.

AlanDick Broadcast

With offices across 5 continents, AlanDick is a world leading organisation.  We provide the ability to plan, design, deploy and develop. We also integrate, maintain, manage, monitor, support and optimise communication systems globally.

Comprised of two parts, AlanDick UK and Jampro Antennas merged their product portfolio and engineering capabilities which have now grown significantly. Not only has product supply increased but project management and deployment has grown to include turnkey solutions.

Since its inception, AlanDick has been manufacturing product solutions that have provided quality-engineered designs to the communications market.

Today, AlanDick’s products and services include a wide selection of guyed masts or self-supporting structures. These include antennas for Band I, Band II, Band III television/radio and UHF digital television. Also, all products and services supplied by AlanDick broadcast are all backed by a network of high quality support services.

AlanDick provides complete feasibility studies, conceptual design to fabrication, installation, commissioning, optimisation, integration, deployment, maintenance and support. Moreover, we offer complete network solutions across multiple technologies.

With 35 year’s of experience in communications infrastructures, we continue to provide support to the highest standards.

Please call us or leave a message via the contact us page to discuss your requirements, we will be pleased to help!