Band II Folded Dipole

ADB-FWD Band II Folded Dipole Antenna is an extremely popular range.  Supporting up to 300W input. The installation allows up to 8 bays to be fitted and provides a gain of up to 11.8 dBd. This in for Band II or the 88 MHz – 108 MHz band.  The downloadable datasheet provides exact details over the gain of each of the 1 to 8 bays or tiers.

Band II Folded Dipole

Moreover, the vertically polarised antenna has a typical VSWR of 1.1.5:1 across the band. The product is manufactured from 15.8mm (5/8”) aluminium with a 1.6mm (16 swg) wall. Also, the feed point set in ` polyurethane resin in order to assure that the lifetime is extended.

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Band II Folded Dipole Datasheet Download:

ADB-FWD_Literature.pdf (272 downloads)