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Broadband Cavity Antenna

The ADB-ADP Broadband Cavity Antenna utilises a band element to excite a cavity resonator for maximum beam control. The result is an antenna which is far superior to standard flat panel designs. This antenna has a low VSWR, uniform pattern and also an axial ratio across a wide band of frequencies.Broadband Cavity Antenna

Designed for Bands I, II (FM), and also III, this broadband antenna easily adapts for multi- station use. The feed system includes dry air pressurised power dividers, feed baluns and flexible copper coax cables. Optionally for harsh weather sites a Radome protects the balun feeds.

Moreover, a dual input HD field upgrade is available.  It’s also HD ready for low level, high level or mid level combining.

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ADB-ADP – Broadband Cavity Antenna Datasheet Download:

ADB-ADP-Literature.pdf (366 downloads)