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DAB Broadcast Antennas

Alan Dick Broadcast Ltd. has supplied the majority of DAB Broadcast Antennas in the United Kingdom. Currently, the UK has the world’s largest DAB network.DAB Broadcast Antennas

We are also able to offer a number of solutions to meet the individual needs of our broadcasting clients. This is with respect to radiation patterns, structure shape, size, and the available aperture.

Furthermore, AlanDick has designed special antennas for DAB. They provide a unique solution to the problem of space available on existing structures. These DAB antennas share the same apertures as the existing FM antennas. This also offers considerable cost savings.

Unique DAB Broadcast Antennas from AlanDick:

Moreover, the DAB antenna elements integrate with the existing FM Antennas without degradation to either service. The DAB antennas are suitable for the transmission of several multiplexes. These are for the 174 to 230 MHz DAB allocation in Band 3.

Finally, to discuss your DAB Antenna requirements and specification please give AlanDick a call. Alternatively, please leave a message via our Contact us form page.  We will respond as quickly as possible.