FM Bandpass Filter-500W

The RCBC-XTX FM Bandpass Filter-500W (Low Power) is designed to provide optimum performance in a small package size. Moreover, the filters utilise capacitively loaded copper center conductors inside three inch aluminium cavities to ensure low passband loss.

FM Bandpass Filter-500W

Also, Two, three, or four section filters are available to meet the required rejection specifications. Moreover, bandwidth within all sections is wide. This ensures no signal degradation occurs. Input power levels up to 500 Watts is available with this design.

FM Bandpass Filter-500W Connection Options:

Type “N”, 7-16 DIN or 7/8″ EIA connectors are available as required by the applications.

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Datasheet Download:

RCBC-XTX-FM-Literature.pdf (170 downloads)