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FM Bandpass Filter 8000 Watt

The RCBC-X1X-FM Iris Coupled Combline FM Bandpass Filter 8000 Watt provides superior performance for medium power transmitter systems. Filters with either two, three, four or five sections designed, assembled, tested and shipped from stock.FM Bandpass Filter 8000 Watt

Almost any value of rejection bandwidth can be provided by proper selection of the number of sections and coupling iris dimensions. Minimising the passband insertion loss with 11.5” high-Q aluminium cavities is very effective. Also, invar tuning rods on copper center conductors maintain temperature stability.

1-5/8” unflanged connectors are standard.  However, flanged versions are available upon request. This design used for input power levels up to 8KW with heat sinks.

Finally, for more information about the product please call us now.  Alternatively, please leave a message via our contact us page and we will be pleased to respond as soon as possible.

FM Bandpass Filter 8000 Watt Datasheet:

RCBC-X1X-FM-Literature.pdf (195 downloads)