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FM Half Wave Dipole

Despite being one of the simplest radiating elements available, the FM Half Wave Dipole is also the most versatile. It adapts for vertical, horizontal or slant polarisation with or without a reflecting screen. The downloadable data sheet indicates the ways in which the dipole can simplify problems and improve service.FM Halfwave Dipole

FM Half wave Dipole 87.5 – 108 MHz

Moreover, the AlanDick Half Wave Dipole has a rugged design built to provide years of trouble-free service.  A poor mechanical design is responsible for many of the most common failures in VHF antennas. This could be from vibration or corrosion. The Balun leg contains the inner conductor of the input matching transformer. Heavy gauge galvanised mild steel tubing forms the dipole arms and balun assembly.  Also, the dipole arm houses the reactance compensation stub machined from solid brass rods.

The dipole antenna also has a gas seal at its input and is a ventilated, unpressurised design.  A GRP cover protects the antenna feed point from adverse weather conditions.

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