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JLPU UHF Log Periodic

The Alan Dick Broadcast JLPU UHF Log Periodic covers all 6, 7, and 8 MHz UHF-TV channels worldwide (bands IV/V).  Made of exceptional materials we use state of the art electrical and mechanical designs. The result is better-quality performance and a long service life.JLPU UHF Log Periodic

Furthermore, the JLPU antenna provides for professional UHF-TV transmit and receive applications.  Its linearly polarised and ruggedly built. The Fiberglass radome also protects the antenna from icing and assures a stable pattern and gain performance.

Moreover, the JLPU also provides a stand alone or array-based configuration. This provides for higher gain, increased side-lobe suppression, or custom azimuth patterns.

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JLPU UHF Log Periodic Datasheet Download:

ADB-JLPU-Log-Periodic-Datasheet.pdf (233 downloads)