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A Jampro Company

TV Broadcast Antennas

AlanDick TV Broadcast Antennas designed with high quality materials. You can expect many years of reliable service in the harshest of environmental conditions. Also, the antenna frequency bands enables sorting for the application you have in mind. Furthermore,  AlanDick engineers are always on hand to assist you in terms of planning your radiation pattern.TV Broadcast Antennas

Please select from the TV Broadcast Antennas listed below;

  • VHF Band I
  • UHF Band IV–V

Please also review the menu links for VHF and UHF TV Antennas.  These include Vertical, Horizontal and Elliptical polarisation antennas. Please also note the SLOT Antennas that are also readily available. Please contact us via our form page or just give us a call, are are ready to assist.