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UHF Cardioid Antenna

The 2 lambda UHF Cardioid Antenna provides a vertically polarised pattern. It also delivers a wide cardioid Horizontal Radiation Pattern (HRP).UHF Cardioid Antenna

An array of co-linear full wave vertical dipoles can produce this. The dipoles mount on the narrow edge of aluminium 150mm x 50mm channels. A sheet metal cover contains the LCF ½” distribution cables.

Furthermore, a single model supports the UHF band 470MHz to 800MHz. The 2 lambda cardioid has a single input with a top mounted fixture within a 425mm diameter GRP radome.

Moreover, the cardioid antenna supports multiple DVB-T2 or Analogue channels. The durable and rugged construction of the antenna also assures many years of trouble-free operation.

In addition, variants of the UHF Cardioid Antenna include 4, 8, and 16 Lambda antennas.  A gain of up to 13.91 dBd is available 16 Lambda.  Please also download the relevant datasheet you require below.

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UHF Cardioid Antenna – 2,4,8 and 16 Lambda Datasheet Downloads: